Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shri Pandit Umesh Sharma Member of Aam Aadmi Party MP Election

Pt. Umesh Sharma Is A Popular Social Worker In West Delhi Society Since Very Long Time Ahead His Work As A President Of The Society As Well They Joined The NGO’s Are First Is Gandhi Giri And “Shri  Bhagwan Parshuram Brahmin Kalian Samiti”  In The Both NGO’s They Are President On There Since Previous Years  Ago.
Pt. Umesh Sharma Was Born On 15th August, 1970, Agra. His Personal Experienced Legislative Politian Since 15 Years From His Carefully Attention. He Always Try To Do The Best As Such As Possible For Any Circumstances. He Is Active Person In The Politician They Gives Us The Best Ethical Fairs Environment To The Society.
His Work  Experienced As To Support With Great Anna Hazare Andolan Against The Corruption, They Pay Attention On There As A Volunteer With Honesty ,Peacefully  And Kindest Image
For The Past Few Years He Has Been Engaged With Free Environmental And Ecological Issues.
They Joined The Ngo(Non Government Organization) Since The Previous Last Years The NGO’s Name Are First “Gandhi Giri “ He Is The President  Of This NGO ,They Follow The Ethical Rights Surrounding The Environment And He Is Flexible In Any Environment  His Able To Govern And Can Increase The Strategy Of Politics Qualities Required To Be A Successful Indian Politician.
Second  Is “Shri  Bhagwan Parshuram Brahmin Kalian Samiti”
He Is Also The President Of This NGO , They Support The Below Poverty Line Peoples And Give Donation To The Temples Charity Trust Etc.
He Is A Fully Kind Of Helpful Person Who Full Fill The Urgents Needs Like
Poor’s Family Girls Marriage Arrangement (Vivah Samaroh) And Also Provide The Children Education.  Supports Parents In These Difficult Situations By Providing Them With Basic Necessary Items Including Dresses, Shoes, Utensils, Bedding, Etc.  Depending On The Region, It Supports The Marriage Of One Girl. Below Is A Table Detailing The Number Of Families
"The System Should Help For All To Best Serve Their Electors And The Indian Community More Generally While Maintaining Public Confidence In The Integrity And Ensuring Taxpayers' Money Is Well Spent And Maintaining That Public Confidence In The System,"

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